Monday, June 21

Show 'em the monkey

I occasionally find myself reading classic Marvel comic books from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. I don't often come across gems such as this embedded in the pages of kitchy advertisements.
even worse than those DC ads where Aquaman saves the day by offering the villain a Hostess Fruit Cake

Now that's a darned impressive offer. 19 bucks for a monkey plus cage and toys? I'll take eight! I shudder to think how many little squirts suffered as a result of this ad. The feeding recommendations might be the worst part. It doesn't even have a diaper like in bathroom monkey commercial! They're cute little guys and all, but they'll make a mess of everything they can touch. Which I suppose is why you have that handy FREE cage sitting around.

They were offering up squirrel monkeys, a new world monkeys, not much like baboons at all. For a comparison, see this picture of me chilling with a real live, non-lollipop fed squirrel monkey at World of Birds.
thankfully I was not one of the individuals who got peed on
They're quite small, which is why they'd be ideal for stuffing in a box and and mailing across the country. I'd be very interested to hear just how they guaranteed a live monkey on arrival.

Anyway, thanks Stan Lee!


  1. No way, man! Kirby is the king!

    (And there are a lot of weird ads in those old mags.)

  2. I debated between which of the two to thank, and settled on Stan since while the artwork is nothing special, the writing for those early issues is downright painful at times.